TBWS Welding Supplies have been proud suppliers of the Weltek range of air fed welding and grinding systems for many years now. Their PAPR kits are good value for money and handle the rigors of industrial environments well. The price of filters and lenses are also economical, with spare components readily accessible from UK stock too. In fact, TBWS keep nearly all Weltek spares in stock, available for next day delivery. The range is imported from the French manufacturer into the UK by Wilkinson Star based in Manchester. The (very) few warranty claims we have had are always dealt with quickly and fairly, which is yet another positive for Weltek respiratory protective equipment.

With the changes in HSE coming into force in early 2019, Weltek air fed systems have hugely grown in popularity. Over the years, we have supplied the systems to big car manufacturers and hobbyists alike.

In the last few years, Weltek have broadened their range and now includes true colour lenses, hard hat PAPR systems and air fed kits with enhanced filtration. The latest addition though is the update to the existing Airkos blower units supplied with Navitek and Kapio sets:


The most noticeable of the updates is the new colourway on the Airkos blowers. Previously red, the Airkos blower now has black detailing consistent with the detailing recently added to the Weltek head tops. However, there are other changes: The blower now has an LED display unit, easily viewable on the top of the blower. Previously an on/off and fan speed button, the LCD screen displays battery capacity, fan speed and filter state at a quick glance. Perhaps the most important of the updates is the increased levels of protection you get with the Weltek systems:

Inward Leakage and Filtration For Weltek PAPR

Until now (November 2023), Airkos blower units supplied with the popular Navitek S4, the Navitek grinding system and Kapio helmets have been classified as having an inward leakage of TH2. For no extra cost on new systems purchased, the systems now come as TH3 rated:

  • Filtration and inward leakage are the 2 main elements of the EN 12941 standard
  • The EN 12941 standard and corresponding UKCA standards relate to powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) incorporating a helmet or visor
  • Particles filter (P) is considered as part of the PAPR system and as such is supplied with all Weltek air fed kits.
  • Particles filters are classified as PRSL, ie filtering Solid and Liquid particles, with a re-useable filter (not to be disposed of after each use)
  • Gas filters (not supplied as standard) are based on specific charcoals and are designated a specific letter and colour code indicating which gas filtration it provides.


  • FFP3 classification for face fit half masks under EN 149 standard has a 20 point assigned protection factor (APF). This is equivalent to TH2 classification for PAPR systems under the EN 12941 standard.
  • P3 classification for full face masks under EN 136 standard have a 40 point APF. This is equivalent to TH3 under EN 12941 standard for PAPR systems.


  • The total inward leakage (TIL) is the measure of the leakage contaminants through the filter(s), through the faceseal and through the possible exhalation valve of the headtop.
  • The general performance of the complete system (PAPR + Headtop) is based on the inward leakage of the complete system, and is classified into 3 categories: TH1, TH2 and TH3
  • TH1 is a maximum 10% inward leakage into the system, TH2 maximum 2% and TH3 maximum 0.2%


  • The assigned protection factor (APF) is the resulting mix of filtering capability and inward leakage
  • TH1 provides a 10 point APF rating, TH2 a 20 point APF rating and TH3 a 40 point APF rating.


Further updates to Weltek air fed systems mean even better value for money. If you are looking for FFP3 equivalent protection or above, look no further than the Weltek range which now come with TH3 inward leakage classification, as well as a digital display.

We have sold many of these over the years and continue to support them with spares on a daily basis.

If you are unsure what PAPR system you need, feel free to ask us and we will be happy to assist.