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Over the last few years, we have supplied a large number of Compressors and Generators to newly starting or growing spray foam business’s.  At TBWS, we recognise that investing in quality equipment results in increased reliability and hence, decreased loss of earnings due to failed equipment.  As with anything, quality equipment comes at a cost, and so the air compressor/generator deal was born.


Spray Foam Multi Deal Compressor + Generator


Popular with many have been the Mosa line of generators and a Honda BE GX390 Compressor, offering high Free Air Displacement CFM.  Fiac have now launched a Diesel Air Compressor, which has seen lots of interest by Spray Foam business’s, especially for fitting out of vans for on site work.  TBWS have links with a number of suppliers and whilst our website does not list all the products we can source, we are able to supply a whole host of different brands at excellent prices.



  1. Call with your requirements – we will look into suitable machines and provide a quote
  2. Click the CONTACT US tab above and send us an email with your requirements.  We respond very quickly!
  3. Pick from the site and then call or email.  Its a pet hate of many to have to get a price on application, but we cannot advertise our deal prices for a reason.


Not a Spray Foam Business?  Don’t worry, the offer is available to anyone needing a compressor/generator combination.