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Navishock – Weltek Navitek Shock Hard Hat Air Fed System

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  • Hard hat welders helmet
  • Welding and Grinding
  • Air fed system




The Weltek Navitek Shock air fed helmet benefits from all the welding and grinding features of the Navitek S4, with an integrated hard hat.  Previously, a hard hat air fed system was very expensive, only being produced by some of the major brands.  The Navishock addresses the need in industry for a safety helmet whilst providing PAPR for the user at a good price point.

Side vision panels allow the user to have a large 160º field of vision.  A flip up welding lens leaves the large clear polycarbonate visor, perfect for grinding.  The addition of an integrated hard hat makes it a perfect welding helmet for on site work, where hard hats are a requirement.

The Navitek shock comes coupled with the Weltek Airkem blower unit which gives enhanced filtration when compared to the standard Airkos PAPR unit.  Inward leakage protection has been rated at TH3, giving an assigned protection factor of 40 points, surpassing requirements from HSE.



  • ABS construction and certified to EN 379
  • Comfortable helmet headgear with 6 point suspension for added safety.
  • A large knob at the rear makes for easy fit adjustment, even with safety gloves on.
  • The welding helmet can be locked in the upright position thanks to two reinforced side mechanisms.  The welder can then freely move with the welding hard hat helmet with clear vision.
  • The Navitek® shell and all its polycarbonates are certified for grinding.  They meet specific standards EN 166B, EN 175B and EN 397. The visor is made in perfectly clear 1,0mm thick polycarbonate.
  • When the auto darkening lens is flipped up, the large polycarbonate visor can be used for grinding.
  • The side vision equipped with the Navitek welding helmet provides DIN 5 shade.  The shade DIN 5 is dark enough to avoid any dazzle risk from a nearby welding arc, ensuring full protection against UV and infrareds.
  • Side vision acts as a safety feature expanding the field of vision to spot peripheral hazards.
  • The S4 auto darkening filter offers a large 93 x 43mm viewing area.
  • Excellent optical classes (1/1/1/2) provide perfect view during welding.
  • The 4 arc sensors are associated to a very fast switching speed of 0,2ms for a flawless detection of the welding arc, with all welding processes: electrodes, MIG/MAG, TIG.




Each complete Shock helmet is delivered with its own storage bag. The bag provides a safe storage option for the hard hat welding helmet as well as a spare parts.







  • Dark Shade: DIN 9-13
  • Clear Shade: DIN 4
  • Switching Speed: 0-2ms
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Viewing Area: 93 x 43mm
  • 160 degree side vision
  • Optical Classes: 1/1/1/2
  • Technology: Twisted Nematic
  • Power: Solar
  • Controls: Stepless
  • Sensitivity & Delay: Yes
  • Grinding: Yes – EN175B
  • Total Weight: 589g
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Conforms to EN166B, 175B, 379, 397



  • Belt mounted with removable shoulder harness for additional support
  • Battery operated blower with filters to remove particulates
  • Filtration Classification: PRSL
  • 4 Airflow speeds from 180 – 220l/min
  • TH3 inward leakage rating – Best In Class!
  • Visual display of battery charge level
  • Visual and audible alerts for low battery level
  • Visual and audible alerts for clogged filters
  • Pre filter and spark protection
  • Heavy duty 6 cell lithium ion battery with 10 hours running time
  • 1 year warranty
  • Conforms to EN 12941


TBWS are also able to provide all necessary spares for the Weltek range of helmets and air fed systems.  Listed below in the similar items section are the popular spare parts for the Weltek Shock.


PLEASE NOTE:  The Navishock and Airkem blower take different filter parts than the Airkos blower unit supplied with the Navitek and Kapi range.  Please see related products below for filters to suit the Airkem blower.


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