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Weltek Flip Front Nuts and Bolts Navitek Helmets

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  • Nuts and bolts
  • Weltek
  • Navitek spares



A set of 2 bolts with knobs, for securing the flip up front of the Weltek helmets to the main helmet head top.  These are a shorter bolt than the AX1101 nuts and bolts.

Suitable for Weltek Navitek S4 and S13 helmets as well as the CR7705 head top.


These bolts can also be used in conjunction with part number AX3417F to convert a CR7700 grinding helmet into a welding and grinding headtop.  They can also be used to change the headtop from grinding only to include the shade 5 flip visor.

If you need assistance, with making adaptations to your Weltek helmet, feel free to contact us