Welding Fillet Gauge

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Welding Fillet Gauge

A weld fillet gauge suitable for quick and accurate measuring of the most popular weld fillet sizes in inch: 1/8″ – 1″ and metric: 3.2 – 25.4mm.  Measures both fillet leg length and throat thickness. All increments are clearly engraved for easy viewing.  They are intended for general dimensional inspection of welded fabrications where close tolerances are not expected.


The fillet gauge is helpful to check welds for fillet size and shape.  A weld should always be slightly convex and these handy little gauges allow for a quick check to ensure the weld is not concave.


Select the gauge with the measurement of the required thickness and place it against the material with the weld.  If the weld meets with the protrusion of the gauge, the weld is OK.  If the weld does not meet the gauge, it is not of the correct shape and should be rectified.  This is checking the throat thickness.

To measure the leg length, simply place the gauge against the material to see if the toe of the weld meets the gauge.




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