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Welding Crocodile Earth Clamp | 400 Amp

£3.25 ex VAT

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  • Earth Clamp
  • 400A
  • Crocodile style



A good quality crocodile style 400A earth clamp at an affordable price to be fitted onto a welding lead for earth return connections on welding machines. Suitable for MMA, TIG and MIG welding set ups.  Spring loaded clamp for completing the welding arc circuit to be clamped onto a workbench or workpiece.


Easy To Fit:  Cut back a section of insulation from the suitably rated welding cable to expose the copper strands and fit an appropriately sized lug (to match welding cable size ie 16mm, 25mm etc).    The cable and lug passes through a hole in the earth clamp and is connected to the earth clamp by placing the lug over the threaded bolt and securing with the nut (supplied).  Generally, the other end of the earth clamp will have a dinse cable plug attached to match the size of the connection to the machine.

  • Rated to 400 amps circuit
  • Other cable accessories, lengths, and sizes available – see related items below.


A lot of welding related issues can be traced back to a bad earth, so its always worthwhile checking condition and replacing if required.  The earth clamp and welding leads should be suitably rated to the machine being used.  If too much current passes through the lead, it will get hot, can get damaged and could be a fire risk.