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Welders Right Angle Magnet

£4.65 ex VAT

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  • Magnetic Angle
  • 90º and 45º
  • Supports up to 15KG



A welders magnetic square, perfect for holding metal workpieces in place ready for welding.  The magnet fixes the workpiece in 90º, 45º as well as other angles when manipulated.  The strong magnet is encased in a durable red powder coated body.  A hole in the centre reduces weight and makes for easier handling.


Low cost, these can be used alongside multiple magnet clamps to hold a project in place before tacking and freeing both of your hands to do so.


Magnet fixer measures 90mm x 90mm x 80mm.  Possible to support up to 15kg gross (but not lift it)

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Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm