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Weldability TIG 200P AC/DC HF PULSE TIG Welder

Price on Application

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  • Current Range: 0 – 200 Amps
  • 230V 1Ph Power supply
  • Weight: 7 kg



The WELDABILITY TIG200P AC/DC HF PULSE is a fantastic value for money, lightweight, compact multi-process inverter suitable for TIG welding of steel, stainless and aluminium.  Low price, but with the backing of a UK supplier and a 2 year warranty.

A simple and user friendly interface makes this machine ideal for both hobby and light industrial use.

A multi function machine capable of MMA, TIG and pulse TIG welding.




– DC Pulse TIG



– AC Pulse TIG



A single phase machine for use with 230V electrical supply.

Provides full pulse control for both AC and DC TIG.  Perfect for complete weld puddle control.  On thin materials, pulse TIG allows the user to control heat input to prevent burn through.

Simple, user-friendly interface. Toggle settings via central dial on the main control panel. Buttons to control power and select welding type, welding mode, current, 2T & 4T and AC/DC. Also included on the control panel is a visual display of the welding sequence from pre-flow through to post flow, stepping through Up slope, peak, pulse, balance and downslope.

Weldability TIG 200 ACDC Panel Diagram


Equipped with HF (High Frequency) Ignition. This differs from Lift TIG or Scratch-Start as in order to create an arc, the electrode does not need to come into contact with the workpiece initially. Simply place the electrode near the workpiece, press the torch trigger and go. It couldn’t be simpler!

Optionally able to take a foot control pedal by plugging the fourteen-lead Control Plug of the pedal into the welder. It will automatically identify the pedal switch. Foot pedal is not included in this package.


The WELDABILITY TIG200P AC/DC HF PULSE features an intelligent MCU control system which responds immediately to changes such as over-voltage, over-current and over-heating, providing self-protection to prolong the life and reliability of the machine. When this happens, the alarm light will flare to indicate to the user know there is a problem. If the tungsten electrode touches the work-piece when welding, the current will drop to protect tungsten.


  • Argon Regulator
  • WP26 TIG Torch
  • Electrode Holder
  • Earth Clamp
  • Gas Hose



Technical Specifications Weldability TIG 200 AC/DC
Amperage range 10 – 200 (AC TIG)

10 – 170 (DC TIG and MMA)

Duty Cycle @ 60%* 155A (AC)

140A (DC TIG and MMA)

Duty Cycle @ 35% 200A (AC)

170A (DC TIG and MMA)

Down slope (S) 0 – 10
Post flow (S) 0 – 10
Pulse frequency (HZ) 0.5 – 200
Protection class IP23
Weight approx. 7kgs
Size approx. 480 x 150 x 310mm