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Weldability ProtectoXtracTop Welding Fume Downdraft Extractor

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  • ProtectoXtracTop
  • Downdraft Welding Bench
  • Allows Grinding Processes
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A retrofit welding/grinding fume extraction bench for use with the ProtectoXtract fume extraction unit.  This bench converts the mobile fume extractor into a welding bench with downdraft to protect the user from weld fumes.

Welding and grinding fumes/particles are vacuumed through the work surface away from the user in a down draught effect.  Click the above tab to see the product video showing it in action.

Designed specifically to extract and filter metal particulate fumes created during welding processes, the ProtectoXtracTop is suitable for use in the workshop, demonstration / training bay, garage and on-site.


The ProtectoXtracTop attachment – mounted to the ProtectoXtract filter unit – serves as a support for cutting and grinding applications. The dust or smoke particles produced during these processes can be extracted at the same time by the ProtectoXtract filter unit. The extraction of the particles takes place through the perforated plate of the supporting surface.

ATTENTION: This unit must only be used in combination with the ProtectoXtract fume extractor and the ProtectoSpark (EXT978013)

Technical Specifications:

Working surface W x D = approx. 1100 x 700 mm

External dimensions: W x D = 1150 x 750 mm


NOTE:  This listing is for the bench attachment only and does not include the fume extraction unit.  For the complete package please see the related items below.

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