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Weldability ProtectoSpark Filter

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  • ProtectoSpark
  • ProtectoXtract
  • Allows Grinding Processes



The ProtectoSpark is a retro-fittable filter tray that filters out hot metallic particles prior to the entry to the 5 stage filter system. The inclusion of this Filter enables the ProtectoXtract to be used for grinding applications.


The ProtectoXtract, as sold, is suitable purely for the extraction of dust and fumes, however the same unit can be configured with an additional filter to make it suitable for ‘spark-producing’ Welding and Grinding applications.
Extraction systems without a spark arrestor may be at risk from spatter, sparks and dust reaching the combustible filter cartridge, debris in the dustbin or collection location. The first line of fire prevention in fume extraction systems is a spark arrestor and these components begin prevention measures where a fire begins – at the spark.  The ProtectoSpark allows safe use of the ProtectXract with grinding processes.


Dust should be emptied at regular intervals. Intervals depend on produced quantity of dust and therefore cannot be predetermined


See the video below to see the ProtectoXtract working with the ProtectoSpark kit fitted.


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Product Video