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Weld Star Alloy C276 Nickel TIG Filler Rods 1.6mm 5kg (NiCrMo-4)

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  • TIG Filler Rods
  • 5kg Pack – 1.6mm
  • C276 Nickel Alloy
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AWS A5.14 – ER NiCrMo-4

A 5KG pack of Weld Star 1.6mm Alloy C276 TIG wire (NiCrMo-4).  Designed for welding alloys with a similar chemical composition, this includes materials of a dissimilar nature that are nickel based alloys, steels and stainless steels.  C276 grade is noted for having excellent corrosion resistance in both oxidising and reducing environments where little or no oxygen is present. Typically, these TIG rods are used in industries such as power generation and gas facilities.

Due to their Nickel(Ni) dominated chemical composition, Weld Star alloy C276 TIG rods have exceptional mechanical properties, particularly with reference to corrosion resistance.  This resistance is notable against stress and corrosive cracking, pitting and crevice corrosion.  The addition of Molybdenum also provides good resistance to corrosive effects and holds its shape even when subjected to high temperatures.

Typical used on pipelines, pressure vessels, chemical processing plants, offshore oil platforms, gas facilities and power generation plants.  They are also used in industries such as waste treatment, pharmaceutical production, air pollution control and pulp / paper processing.

Features & Benefits
  • Designed for welding Nickel alloys from the 600 and 800 series.
  • Excellent resistance to stress cracking
  • Good levels of resistance to pitting corrosion
  • Strong ability to withstand the effects of elevated temperatures
Applications / Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Power Generation Plant
  • Offshore Oil Platforms
  • Pulp / Paper Processing Plants
  • Marine Environments
  • Gas Facilities
  • Waste Treatments
Pitting corrosion

Attacks at a rapid pace in small / specific areas, forming multiple cavities, holes or pits in metal.  It is considered to be a very serious form of corrosion, this is because it is very difficult to detect and combat until it’s too late.  The effects on engineering projects can be catastrophic, sometimes resulting in entire system failures.  There are a number of measures that can be taken to prevent possible pitting corrosion attacks including:

    • The use of metal surface cleaners which are specifically designed for the prevention of this issue.
    • Use of corrosion resistant materials where possible
    • Ensure base materials are cleaned of fluids on a regular basis
Crevice corrosion

Refers to a localised attack on metals at or immediately next to a gap or crevice joining both materials, where a stagnant electrolyte is present.  It is possible for this form of corrosion to occur between metal and non-metal surfaces as well as two metal surfaces.  In the first instance, the electrolyte will not present any threat.  However, as time increases and oxygen levels in the liquid decrease a chemical transition occurs. Where acid starts to form, attacking the material surfaces. If left unchecked this form of corrosion can cause structural integrity issues.


Chemical Composition %
C% Mn% Fe% P% S% Si%
max max max max max max
0.05 0.80 0.70 0.030 0.010 0.75
Cu% Ni% Co% Ti% Al%
max 93.00 max 2.00 max
0.20 min 1.00 3.50 1.00


Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength ≥690 MPa
Yield Strength
Impact Strength

Mechanical properties are approximate and may vary based on the heat, shielding gas, welding parameters and other factors.


EN ISO 18274 – Ni 6276 – NiCr15Mo16Fe6W4
AWS A5.14 – ER NiCrMo-4


Shielding Gases

EN ISO 14175 – TIG: I1 (Argon)


Welding Positions

EN ISO 6947 – PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG


Typical Base Materials

N10276, W.Nr: 2.4819, NiMo16Cr15W, Alloy C4, Alloy C276*
* Illustrative, not exhaustive list

In Conclusion

Overall Weld Star Alloy C276 TIG rods are designed for welding alloys with a similar chemical composition.  Particularly noted for their ability to withstand the effects of a wide range of corrosive forms including pitting, crevice and cracking. Due to increased levels of Molybdenum(Mo) C276 TIG welding rods will hold their shape even at high temperatures.  Used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical processing plants, offshore oil platforms and power generation plants.

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