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Walter Schnorrer Shielding Gas Trailing Shield

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  • Walter Schnorrer
  • Trailing TIG shield
  • Variety of sizes




Achieve better coverage of the heat affected zone (HAZ) when welding pipe with the Walter Schnorrer range of drag shields.  These clever drag shields attach to the TIG welding torch and disperse shielding gas to the recently welded area.  In doing so, the shielding gas continues to cover the weld whilst it is cooling to prevent oxidisation.  This is particularly desirable when welding stainless and titanium pipe, to achieve optimal results.


Fitted with a gas diffuser, the trailing shield provides a laminar flow of argon to prevent turbulence and enhance the shielding effect on the HAZ.


To use, simply connect the quick release hose to the purge gas supply and fix the weld head to the Drag Shield. Welding can then commence while providing a shielded area on the surface of the pipe.


Available in a variety of sizes to suit different pipe diameters.  Choose from Aluminium or Stainless Steel


Key Features

  • Drag Shield for TIG welding of pipe work
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Aluminium
  • Covers pipe sizes 9.5mm – 407 mm outside diameters with Sintered metal diffuser
  • Covers pipe sizes 25mm – 660mm outside diameters with Aluminium diffuser
  • Temperature resistant to 280˚C for up to 1 hour
  • UV resistant
  • Substantial cost savings in gas and time
  • Laminar flow of purge gas means zero turbulence in the weld area during purging
  • Quick release hose fitting


Why Purge

When welding, a shielding gas is used to protect the molten weld pool from the atmosphere.  Contamination from atmospherics can lead to decreased weld strength and decreased anti corrosive properties within the solidified weld.  By creating an oxygen-free environment on the heat affected zone, whilst cooling it prevents oxidation, maintains the inherent properties of the parent material, and ensures the longevity and reliability of welded components. Furthermore, effective shielding ensures that the welded joint retains its corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for applications where maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination is critical.


Please note that the Walter Schnorrer product line, including the purge chambers may take 2 weeks to arrive.  Feel free to call or email to check before ordering.


Choose from the following list of available sizes:


Part Number Description
WS Gasdrag with sintered metal SS
5000011 WS Gas Drag SS 3/8″
5000012 WS Gas Drag SS 1/2″
5000013 WS Gas Drag SS 3/4″
5000014 WS Gas Drag SS 1″
5000001 WS Gas Drag SS 1 1/4- 1½”
5000003 WS Gas Drag SS 2″
5000005 WS Gas Drag SS 2½ – 3″
5000006 WS Gas Drag SS 3-3½”
5000007 WS Gas Drag SS 4-4½”
5000008 WS Gas Drag SS 5-8″
5000009 WS Gas Drag SS 8-16″
5000016 WS Gas Drag SS straight
5000017 WS Gas Drag SS 90° internal
5000018 WS Gas Drag SS 90° outside
WS Alu Gas Drag
5000035 WS Alu Gas Drag 1” 40 or 45 mm wide
5000036 WS Alu Gas Drag 1¼-1½” 40 or 45 mm wide
5000037 WS Alu Gas Drag 2“ 50 mm wide
5000038 WS Alu Gas Drag 2½-3” 55 mm wide
5000039 WS Alu Gas Drag 4” 55 mm wide
5000040 WS Alu Gas Drag 5” 55 mm wide
5000041 WS Alu Gas Drag 6” 55 mm wide
5000042 WS Alu Gas Drag 8” 55 mm wide
5000043 WS Alu Gas Drag 10″ 55 mm wide
5000044 WS Alu Gas Drag 12-14″ 55 mm wide
5000046 WS Alu Gas Drag 16″ 55 mm wide
5000047 WS Alu Gas Drag 18″ 55 mm wide
5000048 WS Alu Gas Drag 20 -22″ 55 mm wide
5000050 WS Alu Gas Drag 24-26″ 55 mm wide
5000060 WS Alu gas drag straight
5000065 WS Alu Gasdrag 90º Pipe – branch



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