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Type 5 Shank – Oxy Acetylene or Oxy Propane

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  • Type 5 Shank / Handle
  • Oxy Propane / Oxy Acetylene
  • Cuts up to 150mm



A type 5 shank is designed to be highly adaptable with a large range of accessories to fit the handle.  Use a type 5 handle, the user can easily change from welding, to cutting or heating with the appropriate attachments.

Key Features
  • Welds mild steel up to 25mm (1 Inch)
  • Cut to 150mm (6″) with acetylene and 76mm (3″) with propane
  • Conforms to ISO 5172


The handle incorporates 2 valves for manual control of oxygen/fuel mix at the torch for optimal flame adjustment.  Connections on the bottom of the cutting torch are 3/8 BSP male thread to accept a right hand threaded nut for Oxygen and left hand thread for fuel.


CP7 Guidance
  • Hoses being used with the torch should be the correct type for the gas and fitted with check valves (non-return).  They are colour coded according to the gas they are designed for – red for acetylene, orange for propane and blue for oxygen.
  • Flashback arrestors should be installed on the regulator side of the hose.


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