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Tundra 36 CFM Refrigerant Air Dryer

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  • m3/min:  1019
  • Single Phase
  • 36 CFM



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The Tundra 36 Refrigerant Dryer is an ultra high efficiency single phase powered heat exchanger.  The Tundra series of air dryers are designed to drive down energy costs by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power.  The Tundra 36 Dryer produces 36 CFM and a flow rate of 1019 m3/min.

The new single cell heat exchanger gives the most efficient transfer of heat at the lowest energy cost. By using proven worldwide components within the Tundra refrigerant system reliability is ensured. It also features within that refrigerant system, liquid receivers, line dryers, thermostatic expansion valves and a series of safety features to protect the Freon compressor and its components.

Energy Saving Controller
Within the multifunctional dryer controller the display indicates the dryer running dewpoint. Should the dryer go on to light duty (i.e. reduced airflow) the refrigerant gas pressure is monitored and adjusted accordingly.

The dryer has a built in energy saving device which will stop the compressor and await the refrigerant gas pressure to rise to a pre-set value before starting again. This feature thus reduces energy and also maintains a consistent dryer dewpoint of +3°c pdp at all times.

Key Features include:

  • Operating Pressure Range of 2 to 16 bar
  • Maximum Inlet air temprerature 60’C
  • Ambient air temperature:  0 to 50’C
  • Constant +3’C dewpoint delivered at all times, unlike thermal dryers
  • High Pressure range available with pressure up to 50 bar
  • Dewpoint indicator as standard, digital on larger models
  • Illuminated “power on” switch
  • Option of zero loss or HTD condensate removal

This machine has an Operating Pressure of 7 Bar, Operating Temperature of 35C, Ambient Temperature 25C, Pressure Dew Point + 3C. Requires 230 Volt supply and has a 1/2″ Output.

Tundra 21 Spec:

CFM                         36
Phases                     1
m3/min                     1019
Weight (Kg)              26
Dimensions (mm)     365 x 455 x 500



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