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Trafimet PD0198-10 Drag Cutting Tip – S65 Plasma Torch

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Genuine Trafimet Drag Cutting Tip For S65 Plasma Torches # PD0198-10

A pack of 10 genuine Trafimet 1.0mm cutting tips for drag cutting with the Trafimet S65 torch supplied with the Oxford CUTMaker range of plasma cutters as well as many other brand machines.

When being used with the drag attachment, the cutting tip fits over the electrode and is retained by the outer nozzle on the front end of the plasma torch – see parts breakdown of the S65 torch below.

The middle column denotes the standard set of drag cutting parts for the torch.

Trafimet S65 Plasma torch parts breakdown


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3. Electrodes (Pack of 5), 4. Gas distributor, 5. Cutting tips 1.1mm (Pack of 10), 11. Retaining cap, 12. Double pointed spacer