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TIG Torch Zipper Cover – 25ft 3″ Wide

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  • TIG Torch Zipper Cover
  • 3″ Wide
  • 25 Foot Long


TIG Torch Zip Sheath Cover – 25ft Long 3″ Wide

A 25 foot nylon TIG torch zipper cover for protection of TIG torch leads, sometimes referred to as bagging.  These zipper covers come as a flat piece of material with a zip fastening.  Simply lay the cables of your TIG torch over the material and use the zip to encase the cables.  A zip tie can then be used to hold the cover onto the torch and another on the opposing end to secure the zip toggle.

The 3″ version is ideal for WP9, WP17 and WP20 torches.


These zipper covers are perfect for repairing a TIG torch.  Often, a torch is supplied with a neoprene (rubber) sleeve which makes it very difficult to replace a power, gas or water hose in the event of damage.  In these instances, the rubber sleeve can be cut off and once repaired, a zipper cover is used in its place.


When replacing the sheathing of a weldcraft style torch (with a black handle), the rubber button retaining part can be pulled up to slip the zipper cover under.  The cover can be secured with some tape and the rubber boot can be placed back over the top.


We also have 10ft, 22ft and 25ft lengths in 3 or 4″ widths as well as leather covers for ultimate protection.


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