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WP17 TIG Torch for Jasic TIG 180 & TIG 200 Machines

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  • WP17 TIG Torch
  • Fits Selected Jasic Machines
  • 4 or 8m
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A complete Titanium WP17 torch to fit Jasic TIG machines.  These complete TIG torch packages come fitted with a dinse adaptor , gas connection and trigger switch plug fitted.  Purchase the correct one for your Jasic machine for plug and play compatibility.

Fitted with the larger dinse plug (35-50), quick connect male gas hose connector to plug into the front of the machine and 2 pin Jasic switch / trigger plug.


Suitable for the following machines:

  • Old Model Jasic TIG 200 AC/DC Digital (JT-200D)
  • Old Model Jasic TIG 200 AC/DC Analogue (JT-200A)
  • Jasic TIG 180 & 180 SE (JT-180 & JPT-180)
  • Jasic TIG 200 & Old TIG 200 Pulse Dual Voltage (JT-200 & JT-200PDV)
  • Jasic TIG 315P AD/DC (JT-315)

If unsure, feel free to ask.

We are able to supply TIG torches to fit almost any TIG welder.


Starparts Titanium TIG Torches

Quality and value for money, the Titanium TIG torches feature an ergonomic handle for comfort and a momentary switch. A ball joint under the handle makes for ease of torch manipulation.

This T17 TIG torch is one of the industry standard type torches which is compatible to take Weldcraft® spares available at just about any welding supplier.


  • Rated to 150A DC and 115A AC @60% duty cycle
  • Suitable for 0.5mm to 3.2mm tungsten electrodes
  • 4m (12.5ft) or 8m (25 ft)
  • TIG torch head
  • Back cap
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Cables
  • Momentary switch c/w 5 core cable
  • Soft leather cover for the first 800mm and neoprene thereafter


Switch options:

Up/down switch, 5k, 10k and 47k Pot switch or 4 position switch (Please ask)



NOTE: Images for illustrative purposes only – Actual torch shown is a WP26.



Additional information


4 Metre, 8 Metre

Head Type:

Rigid Head, Flexi Head