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Tecna TSW1500 Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder

Price on Application

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • 230V
  • Capacitor Discharge
  • Up to 8mm Thickness



An extremely short discharge of capacitors bank enables the welding of ferrous and non ferrous metals up to 8 mm ø in around 2-3 ms. Studs, unthreatened pins and other fittings can be welded on thin plates withoutany modification of the painted, zinc or plastic coated surface on the side opposite to the welding.



· Digital control with 4 programs that can be stored and recalled by changing the gun. This allows to have up to 4 guns equipped and adjusted for 4 different measures.
· Led function and diagnosis indicators
· Microprocessor control unit compensating the mains variations.
· Forced ventilation cooling.
· Safety device and protection against casual use and failures.
· It can be used with short hand-operated contact gun item 88190 that works in the universal program P0.
· Under request, we can provide short hand-operated guns item 88191 for program P1, item 88192 for program P2, item 88193 for program P3.
· 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz supply.


Capacity 66mF
No of Programs 4
Welding Capacity – Mild Steel / Inox 2.5 – 8mm
Welding Capacity – Galvanised steel 2 – 6mm
Welding Capacity – Non Ferrous 2.5 – 5mm
Supply Voltage 230V
Charge Time / Stud Size ~1s 4mm

~2s 6mm

~3s 8mm


Unsure what you need?  Tecna experts are on hand to assist.  Simply call or email us with information on your application and we can advise equipment required.


PLEASE NOTE:  These are a special order item from Italy.  Lead time may be up 4 to 5 weeks on order.