Tecna Spot Welding Machines have a vast range of spot welding accessories to assist with the most demanding spot welding applications.  Electrodes, Reduced size arms, Balancers, Studs, Nails, Hooks, Washers, Pullers, Rivets, Spare arms, Electrode holders to name a few.

Pick a page from the list below to browse the catalogues of Tecna accessories.  Once you have a product number, please call for pricing and availability, or alternatively, use our contact form.  Unsure of what spot welding accessory you require?  One of our experienced sales team will assist in getting you the correct parts to suit your spot welding application.


Arms and Electrodes for Tecna Pedestal Spot Welders

Tecna Balancers

Accessories for Tecna Autospotter 7600

Tecna Spot Welding Guns and Arms

Accessories for Tecna Fast Guns 8659, 8669TE and 8679T