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Tecna Mamba Inverter Spot Station – 450 dAN

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  • Three Phase
  • 14000 Amp Max
  • Water Cooled



An inverter spot welding station for automotive repairs, the Tecna Mamba is a trolley mounted spot welder with an easy to use touch screen interface.  A digital, touch sensitive screen allows the user to navigate and set up welding parameters.  Input type and thickness of sheets to be welded and the machine will set up for the application.  A boom from the power source features a balancer to make positioning of the gun effortless.  An integrated water cooler provides efficient water cooling right up to the electrodes of the gun, increasing duty cycles and minimising heat applied to the workpiece.


The main features of this welding station can be summed up as follows: automatic identification of the connected welding gun; welding gun with integrated transformer enabling the connection to the welding system through an industrial socket and a set of quick fittings, thus allowing to avoid spanners, tools or screws for its replacement; welding gun main components i.e. transformer, arms, electrodes fully cooled by a closed loop cooling system, mounted on the trolley.

The welding transformer is fully designed and produced by TECNA. Integrated in the welding gun, it is fully water-cooled to optimise productivity and increase the duty cycle.

The water cooling system cools the transformer, the arms and the electrodes so to further increase the productivity of the equipment, through a heat exchanger.

The supporting arm includes a balancer produced by TECNA, designed and sized for a safe and comfortable operation in workshop environments.

New touch screen welding control unit with intuitive graphic diagrams, allowing easy use of the machine by the user. It is possible to choose between different operation modes: the automatic Smart+, Quick and Full mode.

The station is ergonomic, compact and stable; it is supplied with a sturdy armholder in the rear position.




Input Voltage 400V – 50/60 Hz
Fuse (Delayed Action) 32A
Nominal Power @ 50% Duty Cycle 19 kVA
Welding Current 14000A
Maximum Electrode Force 450 dAN
Maximum Welding Power 60 kVA
Water Tank 25 Litres
Gun Weight 12.5KG
Dimensions / Weight 237cm x 63cm x 81cm / 140KG



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