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Tecna Inverter Pneumatic Spot Welder 25kVA – 6012

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  • 400V Single Phase
  • 25kVA @ 50% Duty
  • True 5 + 5mm



The 6012 spot welder by Tecna is a pneumatic operated rocker arm machine with a medium frequency inverter, allowing precise control for higher quality results.  Perfect for production spot welding, the Tecna 6012 offers a true 5 + 5mm spot welding capacity.  An electronic foot control and air operated arms decrease operator fatigue when compared to a standard pedestal machine.  Simply touch the foot control to begin the weld program.

Water cooled 500mm arms are included in the package

Easy and intuitive welding control with time and current dials positioned above the top arm for precise manual adjustment.



An inverter machine offers a number of benefits over a traditional AC system, as follows:

  • Excellent precision on the current control. In fact, the system checks the current every 500 microseconds.
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs. In order to obtain the same welding results, a traditional AC system would require a higher installed power and a higher current withdrawn from the mains.
  • Moreover, thanks to reduced welding times, the service to the electrodes is reduced, hence a higher productivity.
  • Compared to an AC welder, the medium frequency system also produces a more efficient heat supply and it allows to obtain the same welding results with shorter time reducing the heat dispersed around the welding nugget (HAZ heat affected zone) and avoids altering the material properties.
  • A balanced mains load and a total independence from the mains frequency if compared with AC welders.
  • It always keeps constant the welding current even in presence of changes in the mains voltage, in impedance of the secondary circuit, in the conditions of the welding tools and in the superficial conditions of the material to be welded.


Key Features:
  • Adjustable length spot welding arms for greater working flexibility
  • Chrome-Copper electrode-holders for heavy duty work and long life, designed for straight and angled fitting
  • Epoxy resin coated transfomer
  • Adjustable electrode stroke and speed control valves
  • Shock absorber for cylinders end of stroke and air discharge silencers
  • Electrode force adjustment with air filter reducer with gauge
  • Semi-automatic drainage system
  • A lubrication free, air operated cylinder eliminates oil mist
  • Water-cooled transformer, arms and electrodes.
  • Water Cooler available – Prices on request
  • Two stage electric foot pedal, allows the operator to bring pieces together and to weld them only when correctly positioned.





Technical Spec:

Input Voltage 400V 50 Hz
Power @ 50% 25 kVA
Delayed Fuses 35A
Arms Diameter 40mm
Minimum Throat Depth 230mm
Maximum Electrode Throat Depth 550mm
Maximum Electrode Force @ 6 Bar 240 daN
Electrode Stroke 8-44mm
Electrode Holder Diameter 22mm
Weight (Kg) 145