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Tecna Multi Function Dent Pulling Unit

Price on Application

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  • Single Phase
  • Slide Hammer
  • Dent Removal



The Tecna 3465 dent puller is a multifunction portable spotter, particularly suitable for repairing steel car bodies, sheet straightening, rivets welding and localised sheets heating with carbon electrode.

An “AUTOSTART” function can be enabled by the operator directly and simplifies the use of the portable spotter, as it allows having the welding process automatically started when the tool gets in touch with the sheet.
A built-in microprocessor control unit allows an easy and quick welder’s adjustment.

Besides the manual regulation modalities, the machine is provided with 4 memories optimised for the most common works. Moreover, the welding machine offers the possibility of a fine adjustment with a synergic curve. The content of the memories can be customised directly by the user thus suiting one’s needs. The half-period regulation allows a more accurate job.


Key Features

  • Upgrade from stud guns and improve car body repair quality
  • Slide hammer for super fast dent removal
  • Spot welds nails, screws and washers
  • Removes dents quickly without having to drill holes or the need to remove interior trim
  • Incredible pulling capacity even on heavier gauge panels
  • Single sided star dent pulling for increased efficiency
  • OPTIONAL – Wavy wire attachment for multiple pulls in curved areas
  • OPTIONAL – Carbon electrode for flameless hot shrinking of large areas
  • OPTIONAL – Key attachment for multiple pulling power
  • OPTIONAL – Flat electrode for spot shrinking

Supplied with slide hammer and 7696 universal fast ground


Conventional power at 50% 23 kVA
Permanent power at 100% 1.6kVA
Max. input current in short circuit 67A
Max. short circuit output current 1.8kA
Permanent output current at 100% 200A
Output no load voltage 8V
Cooling Air
Insulation class F
IP rating IP21
Dimensions 288 x 180 x 325mm
Net weight (including gun and cables) 19KG


Power cable 1.6m
Core section 2.5mm
Input supply 16A
Welding time 5 Cycles
Welding current 1.6kA
Work Rate 6 welds/min