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Tecna Cobra Evolution Spot Welder 12kA

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  • Three Phase
  • 12000 Amp
  • Water Cooled



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The Tecna Cobra Evolution Inverter is a 3 phase, high performance spot welder with motor industry approval from several leading car manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Honda, Subaru and many others.  Benefitting from next generation welding technology for the professional bodyshop, the Cobra Tecna Evo has Thatcham quality assurance approval, complying with TQA criteria for bodyshop resistance welding equipment.

The Tecna Cobra Evolution allows the user to spot weld with “L” and “C” guns, single sided and twin spot welding, welding of nails and washers for sheet straightening, localised heating with the carbon electrode, screw and rivet welding and spotting of sheet metals.  Being an inverter, the machine allows a high constant welding curren, which is not influenced by a variation of supply voltage or by secondary circuit conditions, meaning improved spot quality on galvanized sheets.  The high current available also reduces welding time, resulting in greater productivity and longer electrode life.  The reduced absorption balanced on the three phases reduces the connecting and consumption costs.

The Tecna Cobra Evolution provides an analog welding control unit with potentiometer, with two independent programs, welding time adjustment in cycles, pulses, welding current adjustment and a compensation function.
Allow simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process.

Key Features

Simple to use
12000 Amp Output
Proven Inverter Design
T40i Intuitive Control Panal
Preset Operator Programmes
New Evolution Smart & Fast Guns with adjustable stroke and double function trigger
USB Data port for external weld date storage, transfer of data to documentation and any machine upgrades
Repeatable and consistant weld performance
Automatic proportional valve for force management
Water Cooled
Simultaneous connection of two tools and automatic recall of memorised programmes
Suitable for welding Boron, DP and TRIP steels