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Tecna 7900 2kVA Spot Welding Gun Kit

£1,100.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Single Phase
  • 2kVA @ 50% Duty
  • Suited to 2 + 2mm



The Tecna 2kVA Spot Welding gun is a single phase hand operated spot welder suitable for body shop operations.  Supplied as a kit in a case with 125mm and 500mm arms as well as a pair of cranked electrodes. 125mm arms perfect when more pressure is required between the electrodes and 500mm arms for increased throat depth, when reach is required too.

With a 2kVA output, this gun is suited to professional applications, being semi-automatic and suitable for up to 2mm + 2mm body shop situations.

Providing 2kVA at 50% duty cycle, this portable spot welder features an electric timer, high pressure (minimum force) handle and a heavy duty “class F” transformer.


Don’t need the 500mm arms?  Check out the 7900 spot welder with 125mm arms only

Key Features

  • Light, compact and approved spot gun for car body repair.
  • Synchronous built-in electronic timer with SCR from 2 to 65 cycles.
  • Circuit starts the timer only when there is a proper passage of current, which enables to perform on oxidised sheets, on surfaces with paint residues or on black sheets.
  • Force adjustment with scale in daN.
  • Additional arm couplings to provide larger opening between arms.
  • Gun has adjustable calibrated force
  • All transformer are coated with F class insulation material that does not dry out and become brittle. Test are made using 4000 volts.
  • Supplied complete with 125 mm arms, 500m arms, carry case and a pair of cranked electrodes.
  • Large choice of arms and electrodes also available – see linked products below.



Input Voltage 230V 50Hz
Power @ 50% 2 kVA
Maximum Welding Power 13 kVA
Welding Capacity 2 + 2 mm
Electrode Force Short Arms (daN) 120 mm
Weight Kg 10.5


Optional Arms as follows (Please Ask):

  • 250mm long with 10mm electrode diameter
  • 350mm long with 10mm electrode diameter

Tecna are world leaders in resistance welding.  All machines are manufactured in Italy and in the unlikely event of a warranty claim, a large service centre is located in the UK.  Spare parts are also widely available too.  We supply spares for 20 + year old Tecna spot welders, testament to the after sales and parts availability provided by Tecna.