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Tecna 60kVA – Pedestal Spot & Projection Welder – 8005

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  • 400V
  • 60kVA @ 50% Duty
  • Large Spot Welding Capacity



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The 8005 Spot Welder by Tecna is a 60kVA industrial quality pneumatic operated digital machine, perfect for high production spot welding.  With an impressive spot welding capacity and water cooled arms, this Tecna Spot Welder is designed to meet every need of spot welding.  A stationary ergonomic frame helps to facilitate the operators work and the frontally positioned control unit allow viewing of welding data even during the Spot welding cycle.  Pneumatic commands and the compressed air gauge have been placed at the top of the machine for easier adjustments and readings.  A two stage electronic pedal allows the user to clamp the workpiece prior to the spot welding process.


Key Features:

  • Double Stroke cylinder with key control
  • Built in compressed air filter unit
  • Water-cooled transformer, electrodes and arms
  • Epoxy resin coated transfomer
  • TE550 constant current control unit
  • Cylinder with chrome plated stem for heavy duty works and long life; adjustable anti rotation device
  • A lubrication free, air operated cylinder eliminates oil mist
  • Electrodes speed control valves, shock absorber for end stroke and air discharge silencers assuring the minimum noise
  • Two stage electric foot pedal, allows the operator to bring pieces together and to weld them only when correctly positioned.
  • Pre-seting for additional double stage electric foot pedal connection of the direct recalling of the 2nd welding program
  • Synchronous SCR contactor insulated from cooling water circuit with protection thermostat
  • Standard on all models: Two hand safety control with timer for optimum safety protection.  Removable key selector
  • Emergency push button to immediately stop the machine


All Arms, Balancers, Arms and Electrodes available at TBWS – Please ask and we will be happy to create a package price





  • Nominal Power @ 50%             60kVA
  • Max Welding Power                  200kVA
  • Short Circuit Current                 35kA
  • Max Weld Current Aluminium   31.8kA
  • Max Wedld Current Steel         28
  • Thermal Current 100%             5900A
  • No Load Secondary Voltage     7.1V
  • Supply Voltage                          400V
  • Delayed Fuses                         125A
  • Minimum Gap                           140mm
  • Max Gap                                   400mm
  • Depth L                                     400mm
  • Depth D                                     280mm
  • Max Electrode Force @6 bar    470daN
  • Manimum Stroke                       80mm
  • Double Stroke – Standard          60mm
  • Air for 1000 Spots (6 bar)          6.5 bar
  • Std Version – stroke 20mm        2.6Nm³
  • Std Version – max. stroke          8.7Nm³
  • Air Supply Hose                        12mm
  • Water Cooling                           4.6 l/min
  • Aerial Noise Produced              < 70 dB(A)


  • Working Stroke                        50mm
  • Welding Time                           15 Cycles
  • Welding Current                       26 kA
  • Working Rate (Welds/Min)        6
  • Net Weight                               325 kg