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Tecna 3328 38kVA Suspended Spot Welding Gun – Drop Arm

Price on Application

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  • 400V
  • 38kVA @ 50% Duty
  • Suited to 5 + 5mm



The Tecna 3328 is a handheld air operated, water cooled spot welding gun for production work.  A dropped bottom arm increases the spacing between arms.  Designed to be suspended from gantries or a boom, these spot welders are highly manoeuvrable when supported by a balancer.  A gyro allows the operator to effortlessly tilt the gun to any angle.  A 38kVA spot welding output at 50% duty cycle, with a 92kVA maximum output power.  Maximum welding capacity (with shortest arms) 5 + 5mm


Key Features:

  • High productivity achieved with rational design, reduced dimensions, high welding capacity.
  • Built-in control unit, reduced dimensions and reduced installation costs.
  • High electric efficiency.
  • Reduced installation costs.
  • Totally enclosed, rubber protected for easy and safe operation.
  • Gyro suspension on sealed bearings together with a spring balancer guarantees accurate manoeuvrability at any degree.
  • Rotation locking device.
  • Water cooled: electrode-holders, arms, transformer and SCR contactor.
  • Adjustable electrode distance.
  • Adjustable short working stroke for heavy duty.
  • Temporary extra stroke to reach the areas to be welded.
  • Long working stroke to weld reinforcement ribs, jobs in areas difficult to be reached.
  • Supplied complete with earth leakage switch with safety control.
  • Air operation adjustable in strenght and speed.
  • Oiless chromium plated cylinder and shaft for heavy duty operation and long life.
  • Choice of different timers to meet all production requirements.
  • Safety device placed on the handle preventing any accidental start.
  • Quick replacement of the supply cable; it is not necessary to open up the welder to carry out this operation.




Input Voltage 400V 50Hz
Power @ 50% 38 kVA
Maximum Welding Power 92 kVA
Max Welding Capacity 5mm + 5mm
Minimum Arms Length 255 mm
Maximum electrode force @ 6 bar 580 dAN
Maximum Arms Length 820 mm
Maximum electrode force @ 6 bar 196 dAN
Max Mild Steel Weld Thickness with Longest Arms 2.5mm + 2.5mm
Fuse 80A





Length Force Weight Short Stroke Min Short Stroke Max Long Stroke Min Long Stroke Max
255mm 580 dAN 7KG 10mm 26mm 45mm 60mm
408mm 386 dAN 10KG 12mm 35mm 65mm 85mm
610mm 264 dAN 14KG 22mm 60mm 100mm 136mm
820mm 196 dAN 18KG 30mm 75mm 130mm 175mm



Feel free to contact us with your project requirements.  Generally we would require a material type and thickness to be spot welded, how many spots you may be looking to achieve in an hour and throat depth required.  We are able to offer demonstrations, test welds and advice to help you select the right suspended spot gun for your application.



Tecna Italy are a worldwide resistance welding company.  Back up in the UK on Tecna welding equipment is exceptional and parts availability is very good too.  We still supply parts for 20 + year old Tecna spot welding equipment.