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TecArc TT1000 Welding Positioner / Turntable

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  • Max Load:  100 Kg
  • Single-phase 110 or 230V
  • 345mm table
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A 110V / 230V welding turntable positioner for producing fast circular welds, ideal for welding pipes, flanges, tubes etc.  Perfect for production or batch welding of small round items, this turntable has adjustable speed and a multitude of options to suit your application.  The TT1000 model benefits from a high-low speed range switch for finer control of speed.

The TT1000 welding positioner is supplied as standard with a foot switch to stop & start the rotation. A switch on the front panel allows the user to select clockwise or anti clockwise rotation and a knob controls turning speed.  Any angle between horizontal and 90° is possible with the tilting turntable.  A hand wheel & worm gear adjusts angle & a lock off device is fitted to maintain desired table position.  Machined slots in the surface of the turntable allow for mounting jigs or a chuck whilst circular score marks assist in accurately setting up the job.
A substantial brass bush under the turntable creates an earth and a 2m welding lead is supplied attached to this.

The TT1000 positioner is a high speed, low torque model ideally suited to smaller jobs which require faster speeds such as MIG.  Protection against HF start means the turntable can be used in all welding processes including TIG.

Options include a digital timer for faster rotation with short weld times, this allows you to start all processes on the foot switch, press to start weld, pool delay then rotation for set time before both rotation & welding stop together. For a precise start/stop rotation angle with exact repeatability regardless of load or speed choose the taco feedback control with digital counter, you can set rotation angle from very small to 360 with overlap or even many cycles of 360 & it will always maintain the same speed & stop at the exact programmed point.

  • Adjustable speed range.
  • Fine adjustment of speed control
  • Clockwise/Anti clockwise rotation switch
  • Protection against High Frequency in TIG
  • Foot pedal supplied for start stop of rotation.
  • Tiltable – horizontal or 90º
  • Machined slots for mounting jigs / chucks – also available


Input Voltage 110V or 230V
Max welding current 450A @ 60%
Max load – horizontal position 100kg
Max load – vertical position 50kg
Rotation speed 0.2 – 15 rpm
Table diameter 345mm
Dimensions 420 h x 430 w x 440mm l


  • 8” quick release chuck with mounting. Two sets of jaws to cover external clamping 5mm – 210mm & internal 70mm – 240mm (see gallery picture above)
  • Remote speed control socket fitted ready to accept variable foot pedal or other remote control.
  • Variable foot control to start stop & control speed.
  • Precise taco feedback speed control for uneven loads & high precision jobs such as TIG welding at very slow speed
  • Programmable digital counter to stop after exact rotation angle has been reached
  • Auto start/stop of rotation with welding current
  • Programmable digital timer to start/stop welding machine & turntable with pool delay timer before rotation starts
  • Available as a precision version with finer tuning of rotation speed and capable of slower speeds, perfect for larger diameter items and precision TIG welding
  • Lots more options including fully automated welding stations, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


NOTE: Machine in picture is fitted with the optional extra digital timer.  Standard machine comes without digital timer.

Technical Arc products are bespoke in many cases and as such, can take up to 14 working days to be built in busy periods.  For the latest lead times, feel free to enquire.  Every effort will be made to ensure your machine will be delivered as soon as possible.

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Std machine, Variable foot control, Include 8" QR chuck


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