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TecArc Tecfeed 500 Suitcase Wire Feed Unit

£810.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • MIG Wire Feed Unit
  • 500amp welding capacity
  • 0.6 – 1.6mm wire (solid) capacity



The Tecfeed 500 suitcase wire feeder made by Technical Arc is robustly constructed in a reinforced moulded case to give a fully enclosed wire feed unit which is sealed against the elements.  By using a wire feeder, MIG welding is possible.

Designed to run off virtually any constant current or constant voltage power source, including MMA, MIG, TIG and engine driven welder generators.  Widely used by welders doing extensive hard facing, the Tecfeed is rugged enough to be used in even the harshest on site environments.  The wire feeder requires no additional supplies, only welding cable connections and can run positive or negative polarity, giving outstanding performance with solid or flux cored wires.



  • Connect to virtually any DC welding power source
  • Arc Voltage sensing wire speed control for arc stability
  • Excellent performance with flux cored and solid wire types
  • Bomb proof construction for use in the harshest of conditions
  • 4 roll drive system to ensure trouble free wire feeding
  • Torch trigger latching and burn back control and wire inch
  • Industry standard euro torch connection
  • Heavy duty contactor to cope with up to 500A current
  • Front control protection
  • IP23 protection to prevent water ingress
  • Welding current range 50 – 500A
  • Will work with input voltages of between 20 and 110V (Welding down to 15V)
  • Factory tested to 150V to ensure reliability
  • Gas valve and contactor fitted as standard
  • Quality British built
  • Takes 15kg spools
  • Improved arc characteristics to prevent arc outages on CC power sources.
  • Improved mechanical construction to increase robustness.
  • Improved internal covers – both now open on hinges for fast access.
  • Full digital display (expert versions) with remote volts control.
  • Improved front panel bash protection guard.

Technical Arc are able to make bespoke wire feeders to suit your requirements.  Please call if you require something different.



  • Wire Sizes (Solid)  0.6mm – 1.6mm
  • Wire Sizes (Cored Wire) 0.9mm – 2.4mm
  • Amps & duty cycle 460A @ 60% max
  • Max OCV 110V DC
  • Welding voltage 14-50V
  • Wire speed range 1-21meters/min
  • Extra HD double pole contactor with a peak rating tested to over 600A.
  • Size approx 210Wx560Lx420H mm
  • Weight approx 12kg


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