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TecArc SGS240 Spool Gun MIG Torch

£395.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Spool Gun MIG Torch
  • Connects to any euro connection
  • 240A @ 40%




The TecArc SGS 240 spool gun MIG torch is a plug and play, euro connecting spool on gun, offering excellent value for money.  The torch requires no separate control box or PCB and does not need installation by an engineer.

The SGS240 spool gun comes fitted with an 8m durable rubber sheathed cable assembly and simply requires Binzel type consumables, readily available from any welding supplier.  The welding cable is highly flexible and spring cable supports are present at the end to reduce damage to the torch – cable connection.  Spool accepts standard 102mm wire spools, also readily available throughout the industry.

A spool gun is especially beneficial for high productivity when welding aluminium and eliminates those starting and feeding problems associated with welding thin aluminium wire.  Its also possible to leave your machine set up with a different wire and use the spool gun with a different wire type – like having another spare MIG welder!  Not just suited to Aluminium the SGS240 spool gun is also suited to both stainless and mild steel.


  • New design allows unbeatable easy access to wire spool & feed system
  • Infinitely variable wire speed control
  • 240A max current @ 40% , 200A @ 60% duty cycle (mixed gasses)
  • Can be moved from machine to machine in seconds
  • Superb welding performance on aluminium, stainless & mild steel


Need a longer or shorter cable?  No problem, let us know.


Please note:  TecArc equipment occasionally has longer lead times.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.


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