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TecArc Prof MIG 300 Compact MIG Welder – 230V

£795.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 20 – 300 Amps
  • Single Phase
  • Weight: 60 Kg



The TecArc PROF MIG 300 compact MIG welder is a high quality British made machine designed for automotive, maintenance and medium fabrication applications.
Virtually unchanged for over 20 years of production, the TecArc Prof MIG series remain very popular.  2023 sees some updates to the tried and tested design.  A stronger, sleeker case is now standard and updated smoothing circuits make for excellent weld characteristics.  Further updates have improved electrical efficiency of the transformer too.

Technical Arc believe these machines to be the most reliable machines on the market, with thousands in use across the UK and Europe.  Combine these claims with guaranteed parts availability for 20 years, these transformer based MIG welders provide the lowest long term maintenance costs of any similar machines in the industry.

The machines are force fan cooled with a low noise design.  The chassis at the rear takes full size gas cylinders.  All parts are protected by the heavy gauge phosphate and epoxy powder coated steel casing, creating a hard wearing, quality product. The copper wound transformer stands up to hard work and is backed up with a 5 year warranty. Even the volt switches have metal shafts, rather than plastic, adding the durability of the machine.

The wire drive motor is made by a Swedish company, adding to the quality build.




  • Synergic control now standard for easy setting
  • 12 Volt fine power adjustments and a very low minimum amperage for very thin gauge material – down to 0.5mm (20A)
  • Industry standard Euro torch connection
  • 100% copper wound transformer with 5 year warranty
  • Reverse polarity now fitted as standard making the machine suitable for both solid and flux cored gasless MIG wires
  • Quality Swedish made wire drive motor feeds wire better than some 4 roll sets
  • Wire sizes 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm or 1.2mm on 15kg or 5kg spools
  • Great welding characteristics and built in electronic burn back
  • Improved smoothing circuits for even smoother welding
  • Force fan cooled to provide a higher duty cycle than most similar sized machines
  • Increased air flow design reduces noise
  • Welds mild steel, stainless steel, Hardox, aluminium & alloys etc.
  • Very strong metal powder coated casing to withstand harsh workshop environments
  • Takes a full sized gas cylinder
  • Volt switches have metal shafts – not plastic like other brands.
  • High, over 90% efficiency design to minimise electricity consumption

TecArc MIG welder panel

Above image is of the TecArc Prof MIG 181.  Voltage controls will differ on the larger machines.



  • Regulator
  • MIG Torch
  • Upgrade to 4 roll wire feeder
  • Upgrade to include spot timer function
  • Digital meter kit to display Amps and Voltage (factory fit or retrofit).
  • Colour-yellow or red options


Size approx. 600mm H + handle x 330mm W + rear wheels x 740mm long.


Specification 230V Single phase 200 250 300
Amps range 20-200A 20-250A 20-300
Voltage steps 12 12 12
OCV (no load volts) 17-36V 17-36V 17-42V
Output weld smoothing devices. Smoothing capacitors + reactive choke Smoothing capacitors + reactive choke Smoothing capacitors + reactive choke
Duty cycle @ 60% 120A 135A 190A
Duty cycle @ 35% 155A 175A 245A
Input fuse (slow blow) 230V 16/20A (13A OK to 75% output) 230V 25/32A (16A OK to 70% output) 230V 25/32A (16A OK to 60% output)
Welding wire 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.2
Approx. weight 51kg 55kg 60kg


Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?

All models comply with BS EN60974-6, BS 60974-10, WEE/HD0071UZ, RoHS compliant & CE marked.


Please note:  TecArc machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.


We produced a short video showing the TecArc Prof MIG, see it on YouTube here (Apologies for filming in portrait – we’re still learning)


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