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TecArc OPTeARC ETIG C250 DC TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 5 – 250A
  • Single/Three Phase
  • Weight: 35 Kgs



The TecArc OPTeARC C250 is a conventional, transformer based DC TIG welder, suitable for the welding of mild and stainless steels etc, giving excellent weld characteristics.  Very simple to use and full of features such as slope up and down, trigger latching etc, necessary to make expert quality TIG welds.  The ETIG range are constructed using a conventional transformer but with the added benefit of hybrid chopper technology.  The results are excellent arc starts as well as a smooth and stable arc, with low power consumption as well as rugged reliability.

Technical Arc believe this technology lasts longer, provides great reliability and is more serviceable than their inverter counterparts.  The C220 and C250 in the OPTeARC ETIG range are dual voltage too, being able to run the machine on 3 phase or single phase, depending on where the machine is being used and what power supplies are available.  Designed to withstand the harshest of environments, they are equally happy in any environment including industrial workshops, off shore oil & gas, mobile welding, outside on construction sites etc.

Professional quality British built welding machines designed for maintenance and fabrication workshops.


  • Dual voltage 230V/400V (C220 and C250 models).
  • Superior TIG welding characteristics with perfect arc starts & welds every time from min to max power
  • Infinitely variable current control can be set within +/- 1 amp.
  • Torch trigger latching.
  • Up & down slope controls.
  • 0-5 seconds up slope and 0-15 seconds down slope
  • Digital meter with set value & exact value when welding.
  • Gas post flow control (0-15 seconds).
  • TIG/MMA switch.
  • Electronic pulse HF for precise instant arc starts (I.T. friendly so will not affect your phone or PC etc)
  • Remote current function allows use of a foot pedal or hand remote or special current control on TIG torch
  • All copper wound main transformer (5 year warranty on the transformer)
  • Takes a full size gas bottle.
  • Generator friendly & due to our robust design will withstand large fluctuations on the supply with no damage.
  • Can be used with long extension leads or unstable generators
  • Rugged reliability to withstand harsh environments
  • Excellent performance in MMA mode – will weld any electrode including cellulosic 6010 rods
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Substantial metal case with wheels for good portability.
  • Technical Arc claim the best back up in the industry!
  • Trolley
  • Water cooler – which attaches to trolley
  • Foot Pedal
  • TIG torches
  • Regulator and flow meters


These models have a one year warranty with five years on the main transformer (the heart of the machine).


Technical Specifications ETIG C220
Amperage range DC 5 – 220 5 – 250 10 – 300 10 – 400
Duty Cycle @ 35%* 220A 250A 300A 400A @ 40%
Minimum generator size* 3.5kVA 4.5kVA 5.5kVA 8kVA (3/4 Output)
Max no load volts 85V 85V 85V 85V
Fuse on 230V 16A 16/20A 32A 45/63A
Fuse on 400V 16A 16A 16A 16A
Weight approx 32kgs 35kgs 40kgs 77kgs


Approx. size 260mm W x 520mm L x 420mm H excluding exterior hardware

All models comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN50199, WEE/HD0071UZ

We guarantee to fully support these machines with spares & service for a minimum of 20 years.

‘Invest in the best’ quality made British welding equipment


Please note:  TecArc machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.


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