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TecArc OPTeARC 350 AC/DC TIG Welder

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  • Current Range: 10 – 350A
  • Single/Three Phase
  • Weight:  Kgs
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The OPTeARC range of machines, built by British based company TecArc uses hybrid chopper technology to combine advantages of both transformer and inverter based machines.  The result – rugged reliability expected from transformer machines and the performance of inverter machines all in one.  OPTeARC ETIG machines give excellent weld characteristics, with very low power input and a very long machine lifespan.

The benefits of our OPTeARC technology are not to be underestimated, ultra low power consumption, superb arc characteristics with precise instant arc starting & a perfect stable arc across the full output range on both AC & DC.
ETIG machines are really simple to set up & use, anyone who has TIG welded previously can use these in seconds. Unlike competitors machines there is no programming needed or constant referring to instruction manuals. Yet TecArc have included unique features all aimed at improved welding performance.

Firstly, AC frequency can be set anywhere from 25HZ to 200HZ & extended AC balance control makes it possible to do so much more with TIG welding of aluminium & similar alloys.

Built in pulse functions include our QPulse (high speed pulsing) which can improve productivity by up to 35%.

Furthermore, each machine comes ready to accept our unique EFEED 40 cold wire TIG feeder. This is perfect for increasing welding productivity still further or for automated welding.
These machines will not fail in dirty or damp workshops like inverters do and are not affected by fluctuations of input supply.  The OpteArc range of machines are designed to just keep welding reliably year after year. All the ETIG models come complete with undercarriage for gas bottle & wheels, therefore an additional expense of buying a trolley is not required.

The benefits of the OPTeARC ETIG machines really do add up, which makes these machines the perfect choice for all manual & automatic welding applications, including general fabrication, motorsport engineering, aerospace work, petrochemical, offshore, Oil & Gas, precision engineering etc



  • Superb welding performance on AC & DC TIG & AC & DC MMA with capability of all electrode types.
  • Perfect arc starts & welds every time from min to max power on both TIG & MMA.
  • Rugged reliable design is not affected by harsh operating conditions or poor input supply, guaranteed!
  • Advanced features means you can increase welding speed, reduce heat affected zone, increase penetration etc.
  • Ultra low power consumption reduces your running costs & helps the environment.
  • Ready to accept our EFEED 40 wire feeder to increase productivity further



  • Precise current control – Can be set to within +/-1 amp and a digital display shows preset value then exact value when welding.
  • Variable up & down slope controls – 0-5 seconds upslope and 0-15 seconds downslope range.
  • Infinitely variable AC frequency from 25HZ to 200HZ, (low freq for a soft wide arc higher freq for a tight constricted arc).
  • Extended AC balance control so you can set the cleaning & heat/penetration levels to suit each job.
  • Extended AC balance control goes from 100% – to 100% + electrode – gives you so much more control on AC welding.
  • Pulse function allows normal pulse function 0.5HZ – 200Hz or QPulse (high frequency pulsing up to 2KHZ or 2000PPS)
  • Torch trigger latching 4T/2T, (when used on 4T with our OpteArc cold wire feeder the trigger can control wire start/stop)
  • Variable gas preflow & gas post flow control – 0-5 seconds preflow and 0-15 seconds postflow range.
  • Electronic pulse HF for precise instant arc starts (I.T. friendly so will not affect your phone or PC etc)
  • MMA electrode welding with super smooth arc on all electrodes & will also weld cellulosics!
  • Remote current function allows use of a foot pedal or hand remote or special current control on TIG torch.
  • Automatic compensation for varying input power, long extension leads or unstable generators.

Approx. size all models 890 x 600 x 740mm



  • Watercooling with flow switch included
  • EFEED 40 wire feeder
  • Super smooth foot pedal
  • TIG torch with amps adjuster knob
  • Non-standard input voltages
  • Dual voltage input
  • Hot wire TIG output
  • Precision version for welding from 2A up
  • Robotic interface
  • DC only version up to 600A also available.
  • Other functions and specifications are readily available on request.


All models comply with BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, RoHS & WEE/HD0071UZ

TecArc offer the best long term back up in the industry, 5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine), 2 years other part, 20 year guarantee of spares & service availability.

‘Invest in the best’ quality made British welding equipment


These models have a one year warranty with five years on the main transformer (the heart of the machine).

Technical Specifications 250 300 350 400 500
Amperage range AC DC 5 – 250 10 – 300 10 – 350 10 – 400 10 – 500
Duty Cycle @ 60%* 200A 245A 325A 385A 410A
Duty Cycle @ 40%* 250A 300A 350A 400A 500A
Open circuit volts approx 85V 85V 85V 85V 85V
Fuse on 230V 16/20A 25/32A 32/45A 32/45A N/A
Fuse on 400V 16A 16A 16A 16/32A 32A
Generator Requirement for Max Output 6 kVA 8 kVA 10 kVA 12 kVA 15 kVA



Please note:  TecArc machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.


Additional information

Input Voltage

230V, 400V


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