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TecArc Foot Pedal for Oxford TIGMaker

£180.00 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Foot Pedal Control
  • Oxford machine compatible
  • Super smooth operation


TecArc Foot Pedal for Oxford TIGMaker

The original foot control supplied with Oxford TIGMakers, made by Technical Arc.

The TecArc Foot Pedal Controls are manufactured in the UK, having been a major manufacturer of welding equipment for over 18 years.

Accompanied by a strong steel enclosure, TecArc’s Foot Pedal Control boasts one of the smoothest and most durable designs on the market.

Foot pedals control the amperage, therefore the heat, of a weld puddle during TIG welding. This is particularly useful for TIG welding on delicate materials such as aluminium. Instinctively control of the heat ensures you don’t burn through the workpiece. If you can feel the weld puddle is getting too hot, simply ease up on the pedal and the amperage flowing through the torch to prevent any unwanted damage to your piece.

Such delicate work requires a steady hand, which requires equally steady equipment with the smoothest operation. The TecArc Foot Pedal unique design for TIGMaker machines achieves outstandingly smooth precision control from minimum to maximum current with no sticking, jarring or jamming.

When you order a TecArc Foot Pedal with us, be sure to let us know what model of TIG welder you are looking to pair it with. TecArc Foot Pedals are fitted with plugs to order depending on the model it’s intended to work with.

All pedals have a 4M cable standard. TBWS also offers 5M and 6M variations. Longer cables are available upon request – don’t hesitate to ask.