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TecArc EMIG 300 MIG Welder With Separate Wire Feeder

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  • Current Range: 20 – 300 Amps
  • Single or Three Phase
  • Weight: Please Enquire
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The TecArc EMIG 300 SWF MIG welder is a transformer based welder offering extreme performance, with the option of syneric and double pulse capabilities.

A PCB continually monitors the arc, up to 10,000 times per second to make micro adjustments to maintain the exact power, even correcting for input power fluctuation and long cable runs.

Variable electronic inductance allows the user to “tune” the arc characteristics.  A low setting produces a crisp high deposition with a cool arc, ideal for positional work and minimising penetration on thin materials.  Increase the inductance and a softer arc ensues, offering more penetration and minimal spatter.

Running Aluminium with these machines using a standard MIG torch is made easy thanks to a built in arc start and finish circuit, which provides instant smooth arc starting.

Switch to CC (Constant Current – MMA/TIG) and the arc is just as good.  Instant arc starts and smooth and stable current across the power range.

Additional benefits of the EMIG concept are low power consumption like an inverter but with the increased reliability and rugged build like transformer based machines (only one PCB inside!).


Supplied on wheels with Mains Power Lead, Earth Return, 4 Roll Enclosed Wire Feed Unit on Swivel and Casters, 3 Metre Interconnecting Lead, Gas Hose and Blue Panels

PRICE ABOVE FOR STANDARD – NON SYNERGIC AND NON DOUBLE PULSED MACHINE.  These machines are highly bespoke, so we suggest calling to discuss exact specifications prior to ordering.


2 Year warranty with an extended 5 year warranty on the transformer



  • True multi-process machine – MIG, MMA and TIG
  • Infinite variable control of wire speed and welding power, just like an inverter
  • 5 year warranty on transformer
  • Exceptional welding characteristics in all processes
  • 4 roll geared wire feed system for superior wire feeding – all metal construction
  • 2T/4T trigger latching in MIG
  • Variable burn back control
  • MIG wire creep start and arc start function
  • Reverse polarity function – allows use of flux cored wire for gasless welding
  • Tune arc characteristics using variable inductance control
  • Wire pinch off – removes ball for the next weld
  • Digital volt/ammeter for EN1090 and other standards.
  • Pre-setting of welding thickness on digital display – with synergic option
  • Synergic MIG one knob control of output – with synergic option
  • Crater- fill function to slope down welding power at the end of the weld – with synergic option
  • Lift TIG function for perfect starts in DC TIG mode – with synergic option
  • MMA Anti-stick function – stops rods annealing and releases stuck rods – with synergic option



  • Regulator
  • MIG Torch
  • Upgrade for Synergic function
  • Upgrade to double pulse
  • Validation to BS EN50504
  • Sheathed Interconnecting Lead (Heavy Duty)
  • Longer Interconnecting Lead
  • Water Cooling Unit


EMIG MST models 300-650A: Superb welding performance on MIG, MMA, etc, even great on aluminium & just with a standard MIG torch! Infinitely variable control of welding power & wire speed on wire feeder. Packed full of features to give you the very best welding performance & simple user friendly no nonsense controls.

EMIG with Synergic upgrade: Superb welding performance exactly as the EMIG MST but with synergic one knob control of output power & wire speed/arc length trim on wire feeder. Additional functions include, pre-set material thickness prior to welding, crater fill, lift arc TIG & anti-stick on MMA.

EMIG with Synergic and Double Pulse Upgrades: The same superb welding performance & functions as the above two, but with pulse included. This gives spatter free high productivity welding, particularly beneficial for welding aluminium, stainless steels etc. Double pulse function gives TIG like appearance welds but MIG welding speed! Unlike most other pulse MIG’s these are simple to set & use.


Specification 230V or 400V 300A 400A 500A 650A
Amps range 20-300 20-400 20-500 20-650
Duty cycle @ 60% 300A 400A 500A 650A
Maximum no load volts (OCV) 80V 80V 80V 80V
Input fuse size 32A (230V)
16A (400V)
45/63A (230V)
16/20A (400V)
63A (230V)
32A (400V)
N/A (230V)
32/45A (400V)
Welding wire 0.6 – 1.4mm 0.6 – 1.6mm 0.6 – 2.4mm 0.6 – 3.2mm
Minimum Generator Size 7kVA 10kVA 15kVA 22kVA


All models are supplied as 400V three phase or 230V single phase, other voltages on request.

*Minimum generator size is quoted for the 100% duty rating of the machine, to achieve max power increase KVA rating by approx. 30%.

Duty cycles quoted are on MIG & at 40°C, at lower temp the duty cycle increases.


Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?


Please note:  TecArc machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.

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Input Voltage

230V, 400V


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