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TecArc Ci PRO 251 250A Compact MIG Welder – 230V

£1,305.00 ex VAT

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  • Current Range: 20 – 250 Amps
  • Single Phase
  • British Built



The TecArc Ci 251 PRO is a 250 Amp single phase (230V) British built inverter MIG welder.  From Technical Arcs professional range of MIG welders, with increased duty cycles, the Ci PRO is built for industry.

Ideal for everything from thin sheet metal work to light fabrication and agricultural work.  Reverse polarity for gasless wires, digital meters and stick welding functionality now come as standard on the Ci PRO models, making them truly versatile bits of kit.

Industrial machines, the TecArc Ci Pro will weld steel, stainless steel, duplex, hardox, aluminium and alloys.  Super smooth welding characteristics with low spatter for perfect welds and instant arc starts without popping.  Run from a generator or mains, with auto compensation even for long extension cables or poor supply where voltage drop may be an issue.

Equipped with a 4 roll wire feed inside the power source, allowing the use of long MIG torches, providing a smooth and consistent feed of wire.  A 4 roll wire drive grips the wire better and also helps especially with softer wires such as aluminium.

2 knobs control welding output volts and wire feed speed, which are both infinitely variable unlike their transformer, step regulated predecessors.  A stable digital display shows welding power when setting the machine and exact values during the weld.




When you think of a British built welder, their isn’t a company more renowned for their UK welding machines than Technical Arc, the makers of TecArc.  They have been made in the UK for many years and have built a reputation as workhorses.  They are simply built to offer maximum lifespan, providing reliability and excellent welding performance.  The newer inverter machines are no exception, they are hand built using only the best quality components sourced in the UK wherever possible.  Anything that can be made in house is made right in the factory here in the UK – inverter transformers, coils and PCBs, they even daw their own copper litz wire.


The TecArc Ci PRO is one power source that does everything:

  • MIG/MAG Welding
  • MMA (Stick welding)
  • DC Lift TIG (TIG weld ferrous materials such as steel and stainless)
  • Spool gun interface for welding Aluminium


Main Features:

  • British Made
  • Genuinely Industrial machines designed to work hard for 25+ years.
  • Heavy duty wire spool holder for 15kg or 5kg MIG wire reels – a mechanical brake prevents overrun
  • Easy MIG wire loading – accessible just under the lid.  Simple
  • Robust gas bottle carrier, holder and chain suitable for all bottle sizes
  • MIG welding possible of Aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel
  • Infinitely variable weld power from 20A to 250A with precision to 1A and 0.1V
  • Digital display shows settings prior to welding and precise value when welding
  • Super smooth MIG welding with low spatter and instant arc starts
  • All metal geared wire drive system ensures perfect wire feeding of all sizes and types of wire
  • Ready to plug in a spool gun for easy aluminium welding
  • Ready to plug in a TIG torch with switch & gas control with adjustable post flow (DC TIG Only)
  • Unique ARC TUNE control allows full control over welding characteristics – variable inductance to dial out spatter, softer arc, super soft, harder fast arc, arc force on stick welding etc.
  • Reversible polarity, 2T/4T trigger latching, adjustable burn back and adjustable post flow gas
  • Auto compensation for extension cables up to 100m & unstable or poor mains input supply
  • Generator friendly with built in over and under voltage protection
  • Efficient TecArc design –  Low power consumption and decreased running costs. 12 – 20W standby power
  • Supplied on wheels and casters – perfect for manoeuvrability around the work shop
  • Rugged power source case design with galvanised chassis and front panel protection
  • High duty cycles
  • Cooling chambers keeps dust and fume ingress away from electronic parts – increases longevity.
  • Industry standard euro connector with all brass construction – use your favourite torch.
  • Built to comply with BS EN60974-6, BS EN50199, RoHS directive, & CE marked.


Rugged reliable compact MIG machines with simple no nonsense controls. Great welding performance, simple build & easy maintenance, everything you want from a machine designed to weld & nothing you don’t want. 1000’s sold over the last few years!





  • Calibration to EN1090
  • Spool guns for Aluminium welding
  • Push Pull torches for Aluminium welding
  • MMA Leads
  • Longer Mains input leads
  • TIG Torch


All Oxford welding machines are offered with the following guarantees:

2 year warranty all items – except torch and regulator.
5 year main transformer warranty (the heart of the machine)
20 year minimum guarantee of spares availability


Size approx. 680mm H x 460mm W + rear wheels x 840mm long.


Model TecArc Ci 251 PRO
Amps range 20 – 250
Duty cycle @ 60% 230A
Input fuse (slow blow) 25/32A
Welding wire 0.6 – 1.0mm
OCV – No Load 70V DC


* Note the input fuse size on single phase models is a result of TecArcs calculations & tests, it is possible to use any of these models on a lower fuse size at lower welding power. It is recommended always using a ‘D’ type circuit breaker to avoid intermittant tripping & in some instances you may experience intermittant tripping if using close to maximum settings.

Output amps on MMA and TIG is the same as MIG.  .

Why accept an imported machine when you can buy a top quality British made machine for a similar price?


Please note:  TecArc machines are built to order and may take 7 – 14 working days from order to be built and dispatched.  If you place an order online, one of sales team will be in touch to confirm delivery time scales.  Also note our returns policy for these machines on our terms and conditions page.



We have been supplying the TecArc range of machines for a very long time now. They are just simply built to last! You just know that you can go to these welders, turn them on and away you go. TecArc parts availability is some of the best out there too. Also, in the event of needing technical advice, you can talk to the people that designed and made the machine!  Furthermore, Technical Arc, the manufacturer, have been fixing machines from all the brands over the many years they have been in business.  They have seen what fails and what lasts, the components they have used to build these machines are chosen from their vast experience to perform and last the test of time.


New UK & EU Government ECODESIGN legislation came into force on 1st January 2023 (EU 2019/1784).
The main aspect of the legislation cover’s power consumption, both standby power & electrical efficiency whilst welding. As a result, significant savings in energy consumption are possible compared to older transformer based equipment. This can result in £100’s savings per year.
There are many models of inverter on the market today from Chinese imports to well made German/EU or US machines. Some are good solid machines, although many are considerably over complex. The high end machines are generally more reliable with a longer life but often
prohibitively expensive to repair when faults occur. Many of the lower cost imports have a short life, particularly in industrial environments, some are plagued by unreliability & quickly end up scrapped. For the last 30+ years our Electronic Engineers have repaired almost every fault going
on all makes & models, Esab, Miller, Lincoln, EWM, Lorch, Migatronic, CEA, Cebora, GYS, Fronius, Stel, Kemppi, Jasic, OTC, Panasonic etc.
Welding equipment is never used in perfect conditions, damp, dirty workshops are the norm! This alone causes many of the problems. We have seen almost every fault possible; we know what works well & lasts well.
We have applied that expertise into these models to give you something completely different from competitors products.
No microprocessor or over complex circuitry is fitted. A cooling chamber is used to prevent ingress of debris to the electronic components. We don’t parallel 20 or 30 IGBTs we fit only 2 IGBT modules – minimum parts & maximum reliability!
We make everything we can ‘in house’ including inverter transformers, coils & PCBs, we even draw our own copper litz wire.

From a serviceability point our inverter machines are simple, no need for an Electronic Degree! these can be maintained by any competent welding service Technician.
Our models are simpler to use than an old style MIG, with just one knob to set the welding power & another to set wire speed. All have a super stable digital display fitted & show set welding power prior to welding, with exact values shown during welding. On the Si models both controls are on the wire feeder.
Despite the simplicity we have included features to give you superb welding characteristics, with low spatter, instant arc starting (no popping or delays) & full control over the output inductance & arc characteristics. 4 roll drive wire feed on all models ensures consistent hour after hour
reliable welding.
In addition, all offer superb performance on MMA electrode welding & lift TIG DC, also electrode polarity can be swapped in seconds.
From a mechanical point all models have a tough galvanised chassis & front panel bash protection.
Another advantage over transformer power sources is size & weight, which is considerably lower for better portability.

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Std Machine, With Digital Meters


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