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SWP Stealth Vader Compact Auto Darkening Mask

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The SWP Stealth Vader is a welding auto-darkening mask built with mobility and ease-of-use in mind.  These are perfect for automotive use or when space is an issue.  The mask is significantly smaller than a standard auto darkening helmet which can be an issue when welding inside smaller areas like wheel arches etc.  Couple this with a bright LED light fitted to the front of the mask for better view of the area to be welded.

Lightweight and ergonomic design for maximum comfort and reduced fatigue. A strong and sturdy headband for an accurate fit. Shade adjustable between the ratings of shade 3 / 5-9 / 9-13 for using MIG, TIG, Stick, Gas welding, and cutting, all parameters controllable without removable of the mask. Efficient, super-low energy consumption, equipped with automatic power control. This mask automatically enters standby mode when not in use for 30 minutes. Fitted with a replaceable CR2450 battery offering more than 1000 hours of continuous use. With near perfect optical clarity (1/1/1/2), the mask’s comfort and vision clarity is helped by the unique anti-fog design of the goggles, providing a constant clear view.

Enough space inside for the user to wear prescription glasses while welding.


Supplied with a pro ban, heat retardant hood for complete protection of the back of the head and shoulders.  A smart zipped pouch is also provided for safe storage and transportation when not in use.

CE Classification 1/1/1/2
True colour Yes
Lens size 100 x 40 mm panoramic view
Filter dimensions 171.5 x 77.5mm
Inner protection plate 144.4 x 61.5 x 1mm

113.5 x 42.7 x 1mm

Arc sensors 2
Shade range 3/5-9/9-13
Power On/Off Fully automatic

Use vibration detection and button wake up

Control External push LCD display
Switching time 0.08ms
Grind function Yes (with LED indicator)
Low battery indicator Yes
Low amperage TIG rated 5A
Power Supply 1 x CR2450 (replaceable)
Battery life time 1000 hours
Operating temperature – 10°C ~ + 65°C
Certification CE, ANSI, CSA, AS, NZS

2 Year Warranty

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Weight 2 kg


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