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Stubby Gas Lens Insulator for WP17, WP18, & WP26 TIG Torches

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  • Stubby Gas Lens Heat Shield
  • WP17, WP18, WP26
  • Smaller Torch Front End


Stubby Gas Lens Insulator

The Stubby Gas Lens Insulator is used with WP17, 18 and WP26 TIG torches in conjunction with a stubby gas lens body, stubby collet and WP9 gas lens ceramic. It’s primary function is as a heat shield, protecting the head of the torch from damage during the welding process.

The stubby gas lens body reduces the size of the torch’s front end, which allows it to maintain a good gas coverage while welding in hard-to-reach spaces.

These insulators are to be used with stubby gas lens bodies. When a stubby gas lens body is used instead of a collet body, these insulators fit onto the rear facing surface of a gas lens ceramic.


PLEASE NOTE:  The smaller thread on the tungsten facing side of the stubby gas lens means it is not compatible with a standard WP17/26 gas lens ceramic.  The WP9 gas lens ceramic will not fit onto the standard gas lens insulator either.  See diagram below.