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Stubby Collets for WP17, WP18 & WP26 Torches (Pack 10)

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  • Stubby TIG Torch Collets
  • Fits WP17, WP18 & WP26 Torch
  • Reduces torch size
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A pack of 10 stubby collets for WP17, WP18 and WP26 TIG torches.  Stubby collets can be used with stubby gas lense set ups.  A stubby set up is beneficial to reduce the size of the torch and can be the difference in getting in to smaller spaces.


These stubby collets also work with our EDGE clear pyrex cup 1718 Diffuser set ups.


The Collet is the part which holds the tungsten in the TIG torch, its here that current is transferred from the torch to the Tungsten.  Its imperative that the Collet is the correct size for the tungsten being used so that the transfer of current is steady and hence provides a stable arc for welding.  The TIG Collet fits into the collet body, which in turn screws into the TIG torch.


Pick from the dropdown above for the size to match the tungsten size being used.

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1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm