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Stronghand UM205M 4 in 1 Welders Clamp – 20.5″

£87.50 ex VAT

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  • 4 IN 1 Clamp
  • 20.5″ Capacity
  • Super versatile



A Stronghand 4 in 1 welders clamp with 20.5″ capacity.  A sliding arm is utilised to quickly locate the clamping jaws over the work piece.  With a few turns of the vice type handle, the work piece can be firmly clamped in place, perfect for accurately positioning ready for weld tacking.

4 IN 1
  1. Use as a standard clamp
  2. Attach extension piece to use clamp for step over applications
  3. Attach magnetic v pad for clamping pipe or box section
  4. Reverse arm on slider to use as a spreader clamp

Clamps are supplied with:

Magnetic V pad.  The V pad manipulates to grip the pipe or tube in place, great for butt welding pipe and attaching pipe to flat sections.

Extension Block.  The extension block screws into the threaded hole on the jaw of the clamp, mimicking a J clamp..  In this configuration, the user to clamp into channels or over raised sections.  Alternatively, the extension can be installed on the opposing side of the jaw to use the spreader clamp function.


All Stronghand tools are made using high quality heat treated steel and are nickel / chrome plated for strength and durability.


    • Quick operation
    • Rapid clamping and releasing
    • Reversible clamping arm




Capacity 520mm
Throat Depth 140mm
Clamping Pressure 1088KG
Rail Size 30 x 14mm
Weight 4.45KG



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