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Stronghand Powerbase™ Grounding Welders Magnet GM203

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  • Magnetic Ground
  • Earth Connection
  • 20KG Max Pull



A magnetic earth connection for easy connection of your welding earth clamp in all welding processes.  Easy and quick to set up, the Stronghand Powerbase™ earth magnet can be turned on and off and is rated to 300A @ 60% duty cycle, perfect for light/medium welding.

The strong magnet is encased within a strong galvanised metal shell.  Made with strong, durable rare earth magnets. Fully enclosed for easier cleaning.

A copper connector stud allows for better connectivity and a “V” machined surface grips round parts.


A strong earth connection is a must when welding.  Many issues encountered when welding can be attributed to a poor earth.  A magnetic earth allows for easy connection and re-connection when moving from workpiece to workpiece.  Also, its not always easy to get a conventional clamp near to the area to be welded.



Duty Cycle Dimensions Max Pull Weight
300A @ 60% 50 x 50 x 64mm 20kg 0.4kg


Magnetic pull force is based on 10 mm steel plates.


Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 356ºF / 180ºC.

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Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm