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Stronghand MAG TAB Jumbo Holding Magnet

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  • Holds Tabs
  • Adjustable
  • 15KG Support



A hinged V pad with magnetic faces and an adjustable plate with magnets, perfect for holding larger tabs in place ready for tacking.  The Stronghand MAG TAB can be used on flat, round and angled metal surfaces.  Comprising of 8 magnets, this handy device holds metal parts parallel or perpendicular to the substructure to keep both hands free to position an exactly placed tack.


These can be used alongside multiple magnet clamps to hold a project in place before tacking and freeing both of your hands to do so.


Magnets are located on both pad faces, as well as the sliding flat sections.  See the product video attached for a better look at what this clever tool can help you achieve.


Dimensions Max Pull Weight
130 x 110 x 48mm 15 kg 0.5KG


Magnetic pull force is based on 10 mm steel plates.


Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing weld.
Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 80ºC.

Additional information


Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm

Product Video