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Stronghand Grasshopper – PRO | Welders Third Hand

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  • Welders Third Hand
  • Steady small parts
  • Full welding clearance



Extremely versatile, the Stronghand Grasshopper PRO, is a seriously handy gadget to steady the work piece ready for welding.  Sometimes referred to as a welders third hand, these items have 3 prongs, with a weight near to the centre.  By simply resting the legs / prongs onto the item being stabilised, weight is applied to hold it in place.

Steady small parts, such as: bolts, nuts, and thin plates for tack welding at odd angles with full welding clearance.

Many welders will make a third hand as a first project, but for the price, these Grasshopper pro models are easier and feature packed.



  • Brass contacts are ideal for Stainless Steel jobs.
  • Slide upper arm or leg base along weighted body for proper hold down force.
  • Spring clip can swivel to achieve holds at different angles.
  • Copper ribbon for earthing the part ready for welding
  • Easy to hang.



  • Steady round tubes
  • Hold small parts in place for tack welding
  • Fix odd shaped objects in place without using a hand and where a magnet may not be useable
  • The Spring Clip can be used to steady the edge of an angled thin metal plate for a fillet weld for example



Grasshopper pro applications


Length Width and Height Weight
200 – 300mm 114 x 102mm 0.7kg

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Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm

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