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Stronghand Grasshopper – Magnetic | Welders Third Hand

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  • Welders Third Hand
  • Steady small parts
  • Works upside down and vertically



Extremely versatile, the Stronghand Grasshopper Magnetic, is a seriously handy gadget to steady the work piece ready for welding.  Sometimes referred to as a welders third hand, the magnetic grasshopper uses a magnetic base to fasten to the workbench or workpiece and a spring loaded arm to hold the component / part in place.

The magnet is ideal for positional work too – see the video below.  It can be used to hold tabs and parts to be tacked in the vertical and overhead positions rather than just flat.  Simply magnetise the base to the job and place the part under the sprig loaded arm to hold it in place.  A tack can then be performed with both hands free.


Steady small parts, such as: bolts, nuts, and thin plates for tack welding at odd angles with full welding clearance.

Many welders will make a third hand as a first project, but for the price, these Grasshopper magnetic models are cost efficient.  By simply resting the arm / prong onto the item being stabilised, weight is applied to hold it in place.



  • Brass contacts are ideal for Stainless Steel jobs.
  • Slid arm to adjust hold-down force.
  • Magnetic base V pad adapts to round, square, flat and angled surfaces
  • Pinpoint holding provides maximum clearance for tack welds
  • Spring loaded arm self adjusts for repetitious work handling
  • Clamp assembly swivels 360º on the magnetic base.
  • Works on a bench, vertically and upside down



  • Steady round tubes
  • Hold small parts in place for tack welding
  • Fix odd shaped objects in place without using a hand and where a magnet may not be useable#


Stronghand Magnet Grasshopper


Length Width and Height Max pull
203mm 100 x 100mm 15kg


NOTE:  Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing weld. Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 80ºC and above.

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Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm

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