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Stronghand Corner Magnet MST327

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  • Magnetic Outside Corner
  • 90º and 60º
  • 14KG Support



A pack of 2 welders holding magnets for creating 90 degree corners, whilst holding from the outside.  A magnet holds the pieces together to allow the welder both hands to tack weld the angle.  The outer surfaces of the magnet can also be used to hold stock in place at 120 or 60 degree angles too. One side corner “relief” also provides clearance for tall lips.

The magnet fixes the workpiece in 90º, 60º and 120º.  The strong magnet is encased within a strong galvanised metal shell.  Made with strong, durable rare earth magnets. Fully enclosed for easier cleaning.


These can be used alongside multiple magnet clamps to hold a project in place before tacking and freeing both of your hands to do so.


Please choose from the dropdown options above for the different sizes and strengths:


Dimensions Max Pull Weight
83 x 95 x 16mm 14kg 0.4kg


Magnetic pull force is based on 10 mm steel plates.


Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing weld.
Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 356ºF / 180ºC.

Outside Corner Magnet Holding Right Angle

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Small 111 x 95 x 29mm, Large 152 x 130 x 35mm