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Stealth DIGI AIR Air Fed Welding Helmet

£450.00 ex VAT

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  • Air Fed – Shield + Blower
  • Welding
  • Weight: 1.37Kg



The Stealth DIGI Air Welding Powered Air Purifying Respiratory  (PAPR) system is a great value air fed helmet and blower unit, with a perfect optical rating.  A large auto darkening filter offers an increased viewing area and variable shades are suitable for MIG, Stick as well as TIG welding processes.

  • Perfect auto darkening helmet filter optical classification of 1/1/1/1
  • 3 speed variable air flow settings
  • True colour view
  • TH3 inward leakage protection (Best classification of air fed systems)


Stealth DIGI AIR Auto Darkening Helmet

The DIGI AIR air fed welding system comes complete with an auto darkening helmet and blower unit, filters and battery included, all to be stored in a stylish carrying bag. The blower unit sucks in air, filters it using replaceable, disposable filters and blows clean air over the welders head and onto their face. This wafting of air provides a positive air flow ensuring that welding fumes and grinding dust do not enter the mask.

A grinding function allows the user to utilise the helmet when grinding to protect from sparks and flying debris.


Helmet Features:

  • All-round head protection
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with high impact resistance material
  • Simple in/out structure for convenient replacement of external cover lens
  • Multi-featured interface menu provides easy and quick ADF setting
  • Environmentally friendly rechargeable Li-ion battery design
  • No battery replacement needed
  • Lightweight, slim compact design to reduce fatigue and increase comfort
  • The ADF is 27% thinner and 20% lighter
  • Unprecedented true colour technology provides a true visual world
  • Comes with a carrying bag


Technical Specs
SWP Stealth DIGI AIR Welding  Helmet
CE Classification 1/1/1/1
True colour Yes
View Size 100 x 83mm
Arc Sensor 4
Shade Range 5-9/9-13
Dark to light delay 0.1-0.9s
Shade number of POWER OFF state 3.6#
Power On/Off Fully Automatic
Adjustment Mode Wireless remote control
Switching Time 0.08ms
Grinding Function Yes
Cutting Function Shade 5#-8# adjustable
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Low Amperage TIG Rated 3A
Power Supply Solar cell, Li-ion rechargeable
Certification CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS
Display OLED
Mode Setting Press and Turn
Power Supply Li-ion rechargeable
Battery Chargeable time >500 times


PAPR Blower Unit

PAPR system comes with a 3-speed variable air flow control, an automatic standby mode if the system is unused for 30 minutes, and warning alerts for filter blockage, low battery and overheating.

Switch from standard air flow to increased with a simple switch, the perfect feature if working on a particularly fume emitting material or on hot summer days!

Technical Specs
SWP Stealth DIGI AIR Welding PAPR System
Standard EN12941 / TH 3 PR SL Approval
Air flow 170-200-230 l/min battery life
Battery operating time
  • Level 1: > 10 hours
  • Level 2: > 8 hours
  • Level 3: > 6 hours
Auto shutdown in standby mode if unused for 30 minutes
Display Liquid crystal
Warning light, audio alarms and vibration for Filter block, low battery, and overheating.
  • Air flow level and data
  • Battery life
  • Filter loading status
Noise Max 73dB
Dimensions  240 x 165 x 70 mm (L x W x T)
  • 1370g (including filter, belt and battery)
  • 1020g (excluding battery).


Why use an air fed welding helmet?

New evidence presented to the HSE regarding the correlations between all kinds of welding fumes and breathing related illnesses lead to changes in law back in February 2019. It is now a legal requirement for all professional workshops that use any kind of welding process to provide adequate breathing protection for their employees. This is to reduce the likelihood of serious or long term breathing related illnesses among your workforce, also improving quality of life, comfort and safety during working hours.

It’s a legal requirement for indoor welding environments to have fume extraction, either fitted into the weld-bay or on-torch, but it’s also required by law for companies to supply their employees with ways of dealing with residual fumes. These come in two main forms: 1 – Personal breathing protection, such as a respirator or filtered mask; or 2 – full air-fed helmets with a blower unit and face seal.

Respiratory masks (Standard: FFP3) are only effective when they can achieve a complete, airtight face-fit, which is not possible unless the user is clean shaven. A face-fit mask has to be face-fit tested for each user. For a more universally effective form of breathing protection, that’s where Air Fed Helmets come in. Air Fed Helmets are an effective and affordable breathing protection solution for any user.

TBWS Welding Supplies also deals in Personal Respiratory Protection and Fume Extraction Systems.