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Small Dinse Cable Plug 10 – 25mm

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  • Dinse plug
  • 10-25 Dinse
  • Easy to fit



A small dinse cable plug suitable for welding cable from 10 to 25 mm cross section.  A dinse plug is an industry standard connection to most modern welding machines.  They are used to connect earth leads on MIG, TIG and MMA welding machines as well as electrode holder leads for stick / MMA welding.  Designed to be fitted to the end of a welding cable of suitable size, they can also be used to make welding cable extensions when used with a female dinse cable plug.


A 10 – 25mm dinse plug can accept both 16mm and 25mm² welding cable.  It is the smallest dinse size and is often seen on lower amperage machines.  The dinse connector is a brass male connector with a small keyway which fits by way of a half turn into the female machine socket.  Brass male connector measures


Small dinse plug sizes


Easy to install. The plug comes with a brass body, rubber insulator boot, a copper sheath and grub screws for securing the wire. To attach to the end of your cable, remove a section of the insulation around the cable’s copper wire (enough to fit into the brass body), slip the rubber foot over the cable (large end pointing outwards). Put the copper sheath over the copper wire (the skirt facing the insulation) and then put the end of the cable with the copper sheath into the brass body. Secure it down with the supplied grub screws using an Allen key.  Slide the rubber foot over the brass body using the guides.


  • Brass push and twist type male connector
  • Grub screw in body for securely attaching the welding cable.
  • Moulded rubber insulation boot
  • CE approval