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SifTrode 6013 Mild Steel Electrodes 2.5mm x 350mm 5kg Packet

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  • SifTrode 6013
  • 5kg Pack – 2.5mm
  • Mild Steel



SIFTrode 6013 is a versatile and general purpose rutile-coated mild steel MMA (Stick) welding rod which runs smoothly and leaves an attractive weld bead. CE approved to EN13479, SIFTrode 6013 offers a smooth arc, low spatter and easy lifting slag to reveal a finely-rippled bead.

A 5kg packet approximately equates to 265 rods


Welding Positions:

Suitable for use in all positions.





Material to be Welded:

SIFTrode 6013 is ideal for both butt and fillet joints in a broad variety of general fabrication and repair tasks, including plate work, pipe flanges, frames and tubes, as well as construction, structural steels and pressure vessels. It can be used in either DC+, DC- or AC (min OCV 50V) currents/polarities, and should be re-dried at 100°C for 1hr if required. SIFTrode 6013 can be confidently used on land-based steel structures and general fabrication alike.


Current Range:

Rod Diameter Amps
2.5mm 60 – 100
3.2mm 85 – 130
4.0mm 130 – 170




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