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5356 Aluminium 1.0mm MIG Wire – 7kg Spool

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  • 5356 Aluminium
  • Suitable for most grades
  • 7kg – 1.0mm



A good quality general purpose solid aluminium wire with 5% magnesium that has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Precision layer wound for positive uninterrupted feeding. Ideal for both semi-automated and fully-automated systems.

A harder material than 4043 Aluminium MIG wire, therefore tending to present less wire feed issues.


Material to be welded:

Suitable for welding magnesium bearing aluminium alloys such as 5251 (N4), 5154 (N5), 5454 (N51) and also heat treatable alloys 6063 (H9), 6061 (H20) and 6082 (H30). Also suitable for welding forged and cast aluminium-manganese / aluminium-magnesium components, and dissimilar aluminium alloy grades containing a maximum of 5% Mg. Can also be used to weld components which are to be subsequently anodised. Pre-heating up to 1200C may be necessary, subject to material size and thickness. Wire brushing between passes is recommended to ensure removal of surface oxide build up.

Suitable for use on plate, pipe, tube and components. Ensure that parent metal surface is cleaned and fully degreased prior to welding.


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Current : DC =+
Shielding Gas: Argon, Argon/Helium



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