SIFDRY MMA Rod Tube / Cannister

£11.50 ex VAT

Further Reductions Available On Request 01276 505012

  • Welding Rod Tube
  • Carries 5KG
  • Air Tight



The SIFDRY MMA electrode cannister is a perfect storage solution for MMA rods.  The durable plastic tube can carry a 5KG pack of 350mm length electrodes. A screw lid seals down onto a rubber seal to provide an air tight environment for the welding rods.

Protect opened packets of rods from damp environments so you know they will perform how they should!

The tube is yellow in colour and has a clip suitable for hanging.


These are a great addition to any mobile welder or hobbyist alike.  Particularly in winter, storage of rods in sheds, garages or vans can lead to exposure of moisture once a packet has been opened.  By using these tubes, rods can be kept free of damp and will provide better arc starting and running of the rods for better weld quality.


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