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SifChrome 312 Dissimilar Electrodes 3.2mm x 300mm 1kg Packet

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  • SifChrome 312
  • 1kg Pack – 3.2mm
  • Stainless / Dissimilar



Where the exact grade of stainless steel is not known, or an application requires welding of stainless to mild steel, a dissimilar electrode can be used.

A rutile coated high Cr/Ni electrode for welding difficult-to-weld steels like armour plate, austenitic Mn steel, high carbon steel and CR/Ni steels. SIFCHROME 312 produces a self-releasing slag with excellent weld appearance.


Welding positions:

Suitable for use in fillet, downhand, vertical up and overhead positions.


Material to be welded:

Considered a problem solver for all kinds of steel grades including stainless and difficult to weld steels. Typical applications include joining hard manganese steels, tool steels, spring steels, buffering as well as joining dissimilar steel grades. Commonly used in the transport and lifting industry and repair and maintenance.


Current : AC/DC =+





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